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    Sudsy Bubblebath

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    Hi from Denmark


    Reply from pony gril:

    hi how are you .
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    Whats Up Boys

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    i also just bagged a breeding to sun river
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    Reply from pony gril:

    thats good let me know how it turns out image

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    Whats Up Boys

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    i am just breeding gnat king cloe to hips dont lie hoping that will work well


    Reply from pony gril:

    hay whats up ; sounds good hope you get a good one i posted bounty's completed stats last night and have started racing her half sister they both have the mid 5 year old peek the othere to have the early peek let me know how your breeding turns out.
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    Whats Up Boys

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    hey pony nice horse from bounty killer


    Reply from pony gril:

    whate till i get her all raced she started out with a brak of 27 at 5 it is 31 she is going to peek at about 51/2 will give you all her stats then she has 3 more halve sisters and brother will get them raced as soon as i get bounty done im hoping that they all will have low brake. i have one more foal on the swap foal for foal cant make up my mind who i want to use i want to race these and then decide i might breed one of these to to my last free one. pony

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